Tuesday, 31 January 2017

This is what Mini Pink Lightning looked like on the 3rd January 2017. 7/16 pages finished:

And this is how she looks as of 31st January after working on her for a month, 10/16 pages finished:

Hoping to have a better year working on my Haed's.
Decided to do a monthly rotation:

January: Mini Pink Lightning

Feb: Valentine Dragon - JBG

 March: Aquamarine - RA

April: Romeo & Juliet - FD

May: Last Look - RB

June: Mini Pink Lightning

July: Umbrella Sky - MD

Aug: Arc De Triumph - RM

Sept: Wolf Countess - JBG

Oct: Halloween Twilight - JBG

Nov: Mini Pink Lightning

Dec: Magic Mirror - AS

I think Mini Pink Lighting could be a finish this year which is why i'll be working on her for 3months. If i finish her in june i'll start Hope by Marta Dahlig.