Thursday, 29 July 2010

Uh-oh I've already found the next chart I'm gonna get when HAED have another sale!
Just been on their site and they've added some more Nene Thomas charts. I haven't chosen one of the new ones tho, I've picked Euphoria. I don't know what it is but there's something about horses and water together that appeals to me!

I've now included on this blog, progress bars and instead of putting in stitches, I've decided to put in pages. My reason for this is I work cross country and was always having to estimate how many stitches I'd actually done. This way I complete a page before moving on to another page!
I think that the Sal on Haed starting today/tomorrow will be Retired artists. As I haven't got any Retired artists charts, I think I will continue working on Violet Angel. Hoping to complete her other eye soon!

Violet Angel After Haed themed sal - wings- 28/7/10

The second page started off really slow, so when I saw the SAL was Wings, I was determined to make some progress on her. I think the fact that I was going to be working on her face at the end of the page was a great motivation!

Aquamarine after the Haed Themed Sal Wings - 28/7/10

This pic is a close up of the wings. I didn't do as much on this as I wanted to, because I really wanted to finish page 2 of Violet Angel.

This pic shows the whole pic done so far!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wolf Countess - JBG started May 25th 2010

Page 1 started 25/5/10 - finished 29/5/10
Another JBG design that I'm working on is Wolf Countess.
I'm stitching her on 25ct blue evenweave, 2x1 tent stitch.

Flight of the lynx - Josephine Wall

Page 1 finished 31st May 2010.
Stitched on 25ct evenweave tent stitch 2x1.

I have always loved this picture, my Mum has a fantasy art book and this pic was in it. I knew that when I was ready for the challenge of attempting a Wall design, it had to be this one!

Mona Lisa - Leonardo Da Vinci - started 2/7/10

This is pages 50 and 51 finished on Mona Lisa. Stitched on 25ct ecru evenweave 1x1 full stitch.
I really can't wait to get alot more done on her. Hoping that she can participate in upcoming HAED Sal's, they should be able to help me cope with all the black and other dark colours in the chart!

Vanity - Marta Dahlig

Page 1 nearly finished 2nd July 2010.

This is one of Marta Dahlig's Seven deadly Sins series - Vanity. She is being stitched on 25ct ecru evenweave 2x1 tent stitch.

The page still isn't completed because I haven't got all the threads needed for it yet, but will do soon!

Umbrella Sky - Marta Dahlig Started April 2010

Umbrella Sky - Stitched on 25ct ecru evenweave, 2x1 tent stitch.
Page 1 finished 22nd April 2010.
As soon as I saw this design I knew I had to get it!

Last Look - Renee Biertempfel Started July 2010

This is Last Look by Renee Biertempfel, I saw the artwork as someone's avatar on a cross stitch forum and really liked the pic. So I looked it up on the HAED website and then the addiction started. Strangely enough though I didn't actually buy this chart until the 11th June 2010!

Anyways I got her eventually and here is my progress as of 27th July 2010 - pages 30,25 and 20 finished! Stitched on 25ct ecru evenweave, tent stitch 2x1.
Light of the World - Dona Gelsinger

Page 1 - Started 1st July 2010 - Finished 8th July 2010

This is another freebie Sk SAL that HAED are doing. This one started at the beginning of this month. I chose this chart because I love Dona's work and really wanted to stitch one of her designs, so what a great pic to start with! I'm stitching her on 25ct ecru evenweave, tent stitch 2x1.

Violet Angel - JBG Started January 2010

This is Violet Angel, another of JBG's lovely designs! I started her in January 2010 on 25ct ecru evenweave 1x1. At first I really struggled with her being full stitch ( I used to do alot of full cross stitching) but because I wasn't use to such a small count I felt I was getting no where and my progress was really slow. Now though I have gotten used to it and its stitching up more quickly! :0)

Anyways this is Violet Angel as of 15th July 2010 before the Themed SAL - Wings. Tomorrow the SAL finishes so I will put an updated pic on! (eurgh that piccy really doesn't show of the lovely pinks and purples well).

Sk Sal Mermaid of the deep - JBG

Started 1st January 2010 - Finished 4th April 2010

This is one of the 4 freebie Sk SAL charts that HAED where offering. I chose the mermaid because blue is one of my fave colours, and also because Jasmine Becket-Griffith is one of my fave HAED artists. She is stitched on 14ct white aida 2x1. I decided that I wanted her to be bigger than an SK.

Qs Ruby - Meredith Dillman FINISHED 1st march 2010!

Qs Ruby - Meredith Dillman. This is the first HAED I ever bought, and also the first one I finished. I started her in July 2009 and finished her the 1st of March 2010. She is stitched on 18ct ecru aida 2x1.

Aquamarine started April 2010

Stitched on blue 25ct evenweave. Tent stitch 2x1. Started it in April 2010 so far 4 pages completed. Pages 1, 7, 13, and 9.

This is what she looks like before the Themed SAL on HAED - Wings. Tomorrow I will add a pic when the SAL ends.
Hoping this works as I'm new to the whole blogging thing!
I'm setting up this blog, to help me keep motivated with my stitching. I've been a bit scatty since finishing my first HAED. (i'll post a piccie in a bit, when I have more time!) Since then I've started at least 10 new HAED's (addicted is not even the word! lol), pix will be uploaded later too.

Right well that will have to do for now!